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Power Classic Exhaust

Exhaust System for Vespa PX 125

Even the Vespa PX, the most classic of scooters, sometimes needs a little more oomph. On a two stroke engine, the most obvious and simple modification that can be made is by adding an exhaust system expansion chamber. Malossi technicians have therefore designed a custom exhaust system from scratch for the good old Vespa PX, with a goal of immediately increasing performance and enjoyability without disturbing the timeless silhouette of the Piaggio scooter.
It looks like the most classic of "pans", but all the new parts and improvements are hidden under the surface. To get the best out of this expansion chamber and so as to allow it to be fitted on all Vespas, the new manifold has been designed in order to be adapted to all motors available for this Vespa, from the original capacity to the top-performing models from the Malossi range.
It is the manifold, due to its shape, that best connects the exhaust gas flow from the cylinder to the exhaust system, ensuring a noticeable performance increase. The exhaust system body, with its characteristic expansion chamber shape, has been specifically designed to guarantee maximum performance to an operational all-rounder. From low to high revs the suction effect of the combusted gases generated by this component are maximised.
Finally, we have the classic pan. This component has been designed with the specific function in mind to be identical to the original, to remain as discreet as possible. Inside however, two separate chambers have been created by a divider in order to obtain the maximum suitable expansion of exhaust gases, whilst minimising noise from the exhaust system.

The Malossi Power Classic Exhaust system, top performance and riding pleasure for your Vespa PX 125, disguised in classic and discreet clothing.


PRICE : 6,000 BAHT

PRICE : USD 214.29

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